Flying Solo?

You may wonder why I wanted to call my blog “I’m Flying Solo.” There are many reasons.  I’ve always been fascinated with flying. I love birds and have had them most of my life (until recently, really), I love manta rays too- they fly through the ocean so gracefully. Flying represents an element of freedom we all wish for, and frankly, sometimes flying is the best way to get from point A to point B.

Two years ago, on a trip to Costa Rica during the worst part of my divorce, I met a girl with a tattoo. It said “Sometimes when you fall, you fly,” and ever since then, I told myself one day, I would fly. And actually, it was on that trip my friend Zach told me about the website (More on that later.) When I told myself that one day I would “Fly,” I wasn’t sure exactly what it would entail, but I knew I wanted to be over my divorce and free from the pain and disappointment it caused me.  I wanted to be happy, I wanted something or someone to lift me off my feet.  Really, I wanted SOMEONE to lift me up and help me find the zest for life I used to have.  Well, 2 years later I haven’t found that someone, but I’ve found happiness in many different forms and one is in the freedom to follow my dreams.  I look back now and see all the events that have led up to this- they all make sense. A lot of people say “Everything happens for a reason.”  I always say, “Everything happens for a reason, but usually you don’t find out until way later.”

So, here I am, ready to fly!  I’ve even almost collected enough frequent flier miles on United to get a one way ticket to Asia.  “Flying the friendly skies!”  That’s actually an iconic tagline that United Airlines began using in 1965.  I think this flying thing will be an emerging theme throughout.  There are a lot of songs I like that reference flying and I even recently had the opportunity to fly through the air on a trapeze!  So, come fly with me- my wings are wide!

My best friend and I recently came across this wall hanging while out shopping for my trip.
My best friend and I recently came across this wall hanging while out shopping for my trip.

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