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It’s been a while! I’ve been in Thailand for nearly 6 weeks and haven’t updated my blog. I’ve been doing some freelance writing for a company stateside, http://www.blitzbarz.com/blog, so my time sitting (and drinking coffee), has been devoted to that. I want to keep up with this blog though- I want it to go places, and I want to keep going places!
It was my “travelversary” the other day. I’m now into my 5th month of my Asian adventure and I’m still loving it and motivated to keep going.

My new friend Sarah and I out for my “travelversary” dinner.

Before I left Nepal, I looked at the Thai railway system and saw there was a line to the coast then you could ferry over to an island. I looked up gyms in the area and found one that looked awesome. I booked an apartment for a month and made my way south, to Ko Samui, in the Bay of Thailand. A week in, I decided I’d stay for two months. This “slow” travel is nice. You get to know a place, meet people, find your favorite spots, plus I love the gym and the active lifestyle I can live here.

Passed some time after my workout to chat with the Muay Thai instructor and this giant dude from Sweden.

My new visa now expires on January 1st and because I no longer want to fly anywhere, I don’t think I’ll have an exciting NYE- I’ll be in a small town not too far from the Myanmar border, where I’ll cross on the first of the year. But that’s ok- there’s adventure to be had and overland travel is cheaper than air.
When I extended my visa, the Thai authorities said you must leave the country in order to get another visa. I was a little disappointed, BUT it’s good because I’ll actually leave. A goal of mine is to see many countries, so this will temporarily force me out of Thailand. I’ll cross back in once my 28 days is up in Myanmar though and travel through the north. It’s supposed to be beautiful and I really want to see the White Temple so it’s a good plan.

More stamps, woo hoo!

Things were a little slow here, but they’ve picked up and I’ve met a lot of people. Mostly other expats and travelers, but some Thais as well. It can be a crazy place- Ko Samui is one of Thailand’s main islands for beach vacations and people do their fair share of partying, but I’ve mostly kept to myself and pass time at the gym… Until recently! We had 6 days of rain! I never got a good weather forecast, but some Dutch travelers said there was a hurricane in China, so we got the edge of it. So many areas on the island flooded. Thank god the gym was open so I had a place to go. Being isolated in my apartment was lonely. The rain got me out- I met so many people this past week and despite the fact I didn’t stick to my healthy ways and had a few drinks, meals out, and wasn’t super motivated in the gym, I feel ok about it. I can look back and say I survived the Thai typhoon of 2016 and have stories to tell because of it! When the sun came out yesterday, I think the island was pumped. It was such an amazing sight.

The calm after the storm- it makes you appreciate the beauty and everything else so much more. I had to get to the beach right away, and here I am again today, too, after the gym. Later, my new friends and I are going to Fisherman’s Village to watch the sunset, get food at the night market, and go salsa dancing! ??
Slow travel is nice. It’s great to have time to stop and smell the roses. I’m not going to want to leave on the first but I’ll be excited as always. Maybe someday, after I’ve been a few places, I can pick a spot and go back, but in the mean time, I need to keep exploring!

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