Learning to Fly

Learning to fly isn't easy!
Learning to fly isn’t easy!

I don’t know where to begin this post. I did so many things these last few days in preparation for my departure including setting my last day at work, scheduling training with the RD who will take my position, I even mapped out a route for my road trip home. Yesterday I picked up all the last few things I *think* I’ll need, and I packed everything in my Kelty to see IF it would all fit. (Because that’s what Saturday nights are for. ?) Not only did it fit, but I had extra space! Oh, and most importantly, I earned enough frequent flier miles on my United app for a free one way ticket to Asia!! ✈️?

Exciting as all that is, today was even better because I actually got to fly again! I went out to Hidden Hills Arts and took another leap off the trapeze platform and practiced the banana hang and a no hands hang! (I should probably learn the lingo)! Additionally, I got to learn a little with the aerial silks, which I think looks so amazing.  Well, not me but those that know how to do it! I’m not graceful, but hopefully my strength can save me for a bit next time, and there will be a next time… I met so many awesome people today and two of my fit fam friends joined and loved it as well.  How great is it when life throws so many unique and amazing opportunities at you?! Today I was feeling excited and sad at the same time, so much good stuff going on here and I’m going to leave, but so many good things to come! I’m NOT complaining though, I’m happy with this situation and I definitely know things could be different.

I feel like I’ve spent the last two years learning to fly, I’ve gained so much, I’m soaring to new heights, and soon, I’ll take off on my own! ??

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