The Best Hostel in Bangkok!

Sawadee Ka from Hom Hostel and Cooking Club!

After spending my first three weeks post op in a hostel with no real cooking facilities, I really wanted a change.  In that 3 weeks I found my little grove, but the worst was over and I would soon be more mobile and able to walk.  One of the girls at that place told  me about Hom and how they have a cooking club.  I was so excited I came straight here to check it out for myself.

I was impressed!  It’s on the 5th floor of a building that’s home to a variety  of shops, fast food places, and a Thai food court.  The hostel is new, opened in October of 2016, and everything is fresh, clean, and well decorated.  The beds are large, even in the 8 and 10 person dorms and the mattresses are Marriott quality, so you always get a good night’s sleep.  Each bed has it’s own light and electric socket which is important these days so we can charge our devices while we recharge at night.  There are small lockers to lock up your valuables and you can purchase a key in case you don’t have your own (like me). To make things even more comfortable, you can rent a nice fluffy towel and there are laundry facilities so you can always have clean clothes.

Part of the kitchen.

But that’s the boring stuff!  The kitchen and rooftop garden is where it’s at!  This has to hands down be the best hostel kitchen ever.  What’s even better- the staff do a nightly cooking demo featuring various Thai dishes.  This meal is then saved and served for breakfast the next day. That is way better than any hostel breakfast I’ve ever had.  Sure beats the typical bread, butter, and jam offerings at most places.  So far, we’ve had green chicken curry, yellow chicken curry, and stir fried vegetables with tofu.  Yesterday we had a pad Thai cooking demo and free dinner.

Green Chicken Curry

I’ve only been here for a few days but I love it.  Not only that, but my ability to walk is improving day by day, so all around, things are getting better.  I’m going to leave a sign out in the morning offering a recipe I want to cook and if other guests want, they can pitch in.  I don’t mind doing all the work, I’m just happy to have a kitchen, make some healthy food, and if I can try new recipes to share with others, well that’s just a huge bonus.

So, if you’re ever in Bangkok, check out Hom Hostel and Cooking Club. Stay tuned.  I’ll be here for a while still and will post more.  Check out the recipes we made under my food and recipes tab!

Here is their website:

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