How Do I Lose Weight?

The One Thing You Must Do to Lose Weight! (Is that a catchy title?!)

Before I begin, let me first say that because I’ve talked and written about these topics extensively, I am writing in my own words. This tips and techniques not only come from my education in nutrition, but personal experiences as an RD, active adult, and former figure competitor. When blogging or writing on topics related to nutrition and fitness, I always want to do research and have references, but if I do that here, I’ll be writing a dissertation on weight loss and nobody will ever read it! If you want reference or a link, however, let me know and I can provide you with loads of resources.

As mentioned in my first “Nutrition” post, everybody is different and has different goals.  Once we determine those goals, I figure out how many calories you need to meet them, whether they be weight loss, maintenance, or growth. If you want to know how many calories you need, enter in your information on this site: I use the little/no exercise option and know that on days where I may do more, I can eat more.

I’m a numbers person and use MyFitnessPal to track my intake (not anymore because I’ve really liberalized my diet since I’ve been in Asia). I recommend you try such an app because it is very eye opening and allows us to see how much we really put into our bodies.  It very common for people to OVER estimate how much they burn via exercise and UNDER estimate how many calories they eat.  Also, studies show that when people keep track of what they eat, they not only lose weight BUT they maintain that weight loss! Give it a try and eat within your needs for a few weeks.  I don’t make promises when it comes to quick fixes and fad diets, but if you do this, you WILL lose weight!

You know what else works really well when looking to lose or even gain weight? Physical activity!  For some, that can mean structured workouts in the gym, and for others, simply getting up, out, and moving around.

So, nothing mind blowing here, just eat within your needs, get in some physical activity, and track your calories.  It’s not much, but it’s a start, and next time, we will look at food and what healthy stuff you should be eating.

Do you use an app to track your food?  How about fitness trackers?  Leave your thoughts and comments and feel free to ask questions in the section below.

Author: Tiffany Batsakis

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