Letting Go: Part One


When I first began planning this travel adventure, it had a start and an end point. I thought 6-8 months would quench my wanderlust and I’d figure out some things along the way. Over time, it has evolved into something much larger. I’m selling my house, most things I own, and I have a one way ticket to China. Because I started planning this nearly 6 months ago, I’ve been making decisions on what to keep, and what to let go of ever since.

I always thought I’d keep certain things, but as my departure date nears, I ask myself why I need stuff in a storage unit indefinitely.  Initially, it was difficult to let go of what I felt like were my prized possessions, but the cleaning out process has been fairly cathartic and overall pretty easy.  My house now looks different daily and I won’t lie, it’s starting to hit me!  I’ve lived here for 9 years and everything is changing. Like always, however, I keep my eye on the prize and continue moving in the direction of my new goals.

There’s just one thing though… My dog. This part is going to be the worst. I thought leaving work would be hard, but I’ve been comfortable with training the new RD and I haven’t had any emotional outbursts YET. My dog though. I can’t say bye to him. He doesn’t understand what’s going on and he’s been shuffled back and fourth the last few days between home and his new home. It helps with showing my house but really, it helps me with transitioning.

And on that abrupt note, I think I’m going to end because I get emotional just thinking about it. Now I feel worse that he’s not here, but I had so much to do this evening and I thought he may be better off with his brothers.

Running through the fields.
Running through the fields.

Author: Tiffany Batsakis

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6 thoughts on “Letting Go: Part One”

  1. I feel for you tiff I would not be able to leave my dog. Hes my love. Bless you I hope it gets easier for you

  2. Awe- the pup will be okay as long as you are happy with his new home. I bet he will adjust nicely and be happy to see you when you visit. Too bad he couldn’t travel with you. Maybe he can be your service dog 😉

    1. Hey! Thanks for reading. I’m still working on getting better with this blog stuff and just saw this comment. I know my dog is ok, but it was hard to leave him. I get updates though and I’m glad he has more people and other dogs around than when he lived with me!

  3. I just saw this comment! Sorry for the late reply. I think about my dog all the time, but I know he’s doing ok.

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