Time Flies

Once again, it has been a bit since I’ve posted considering I have time here, but for some reason, it seems to be flying and my knee can’t heal fast enough.  My cousin arrives tonight and I resume my travels with her Thursday after two tourist filled days in Bangkok.

The lack of safety here still surprises me sometimes!

I didn’t plan on coming to Bangkok and now that I’m here, a part of me doesn’t want to leave, but that almost always seems to be the case.  I’m a little concerned about my leg and traveling, but other than that, I’m not too stressed because I know I can come back anytime.  I’ve pretty much decided I’m in this thing/adventure of mine for the long haul but I had a hard time verbalizing it as I feel badly, almost guilty, for not really wanting to go back to the United States.  I’ve talked to some other long term travelers and they have said they felt the same way at first, but get accustomed to it.  I guess for me, as long as I know I can make a “visit” home, then I don’t feel as bad- I’m not entirely deserting my country and my friends and family, LOL.

The only way to ride an elephant!

At some point, I need some stability and to “settle” long enough to find some legit work in my field and possibly make some money.  I don’t want to be out of the work loop for too long and I’m researching some options here in Thailand. Unfortunately, The Overseas Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics does not have a representative in Thailand, but they do have a local branch.  Now I just need to find something in English or learn Thai! I also want to look into competing again, but before I can really get back into the gym, I have to let my knee fully heel.

And yeah, that brings me to the gym… After hitting up a few hotels, I went to a gym, Virgin Fitness.  I loved it, but they have a crappy membership package and if I join, it would be my most expensive membership ever!  But I could live there, honestly, they even have sleeping pods and it is in a shopping mall that has a gourmet grocer so all of my favorite things under one roof!

My face when I get into the gym without a membership.

I’m definitely happy I’ve enjoyed  my time here in Bangkok, especially considering the reason I came.  I’m going to see how the next few months/weeks go and make some decisions.  I still have that wanderlust bug so I need to feed it, but maybe after this next jaunt through some other parts of SE Asia, I’ll get my fill for a bit and “settle” again. I may even look at booking a ticket home for a  bit. I have loved staying at Hom and hope to come back. It’s been so nice to have good people around, a comfortable bed, and a great kitchen!

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