Freedom On The Road

Wow! I’ve definitely learned I need to stop making plans! They always change. If you know me at all, I can be so detailed when it comes to doing things and traveling, but given I have more time on this journey, I’ve become a little more laid back in that department. In fact, sometimes it’s so much so my cousin and I have arrived to new places not having a place to stay or a way to get to our next destination!

I had everything mapped out. Then it changed. I remapped, then it changed. But it’s all good! The last few weeks have been awesome. Making connections on the road is great, but as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, at some point, everyone goes their separate ways and it’s kind of disappointing feeling you won’t see people again. Being in Bangkok for 7 weeks allowed me time to meet and connect with new people and I can and will see them again. Those “reconnections” are becoming more and more important because they provide some “normalcy” to this transient lifestyle. Additionally, my cousin came for a visit, so for the first time ever, I’m traveling with a family member and we have been getting along well. We met up with a girl I met while staying at Hom and we all spent a few days together in Malaysia and next week, my cousin and I will go back to Bangkok. I planned on staying a few days, but one of my friends wants to travel with me, so I’ll wait until she has time off from her work. And when I get back from that next “trip,” yet someone else I know from the states wants to come to Thailand, so back to the islands for me! ?

Ko Lipe, Thailand.

Yes, I travel with this small bear. I get some giggles and comments and I don’t mind at all. He’s replaced my prayer flags given to me by the Bhutanese monk I met in Nepal now that I’m not carrying my big pack. He was a Valentine’s Day gift and represents the importance of that human connection, especially those that continue on, even if only temporarily!

There’s no real “constant” on this type of journey, and while I do enjoy being a nomad, it’s nice having some stability and a reason to smile when you return to a city, even more, one you planned on avoiding!

My cousin and I in langkawi, Malaysia.

So many plans in the works with so many people!! Let’s see what the future holds and where my travels take me! For now, I’m excited to be in the islands and then to go back “Hom” to Bangkok!

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