For the first time, I’m a bit tired.

Today, my blog is a year old and I still don’t post as often as I’d planned. When I look at it though, I can’t help but to wonder if I’m wasting my time. Nobody reads it. I know because I’ve learned to check the stats, LOL. In the last year, I’ve gained three subscribers. So, if I keep going, and if I live to be 100, let’s say, by the time I die I’ll have 186 subscribers. That’s not really enough to generate any income, as I’d hope may somehow happen one day. How do some bloggers make it big anyway? I’m sure they post more often than I do…

One year, 44 posts, 25 comments, 5 pages. There are some stats on my blog. How about for my travels? 9 months, 2 weeks, 3 days. Countries visited: 10. Flights taken: 14. Trips by boat: I lost count after 4. Bus rides. Haha! I’d never be able to count all of those. Train trips: just 4, in China and Thailand, the longest lasted 31 hours. Countless rides on local and city busses, taxis, motorbikes, grab cars and uber. Tuk-tuks, long tail boats, horse, metro, sky trains, I’ve flown in and out of the most dangerous airport in the world, covered 200 kilometers on foot in the Himalayas alone, and have done a ridiculous amount of steps on the bumpy and uneven streets of Bangkok, on crutches, and I’ve traveled throughout SE Asia now while in recovery from ACL and meniscus surgery. Does it get old? Never! Does it get tiring? Usually not, but I have to say, I’m getting there.

I don’t know how people put their whole family on motor bike!!

Or, maybe I’m already there? But if so, I’m certain it’s only temporary. For the first time in over 9 months, I miss home, and by home I mean San Antonio, Texas, and where my family lives in the New Hampshire/Massachusetts area. (Not my house, per se). I miss my friends, family, my dog, having girlfriends, cooking my own, HEALTHY food, regular gym sessions, a variety of clothing options.

I’m a bit tired of being on the go. Of living on a tight budget and not having the options to be more choosy at times. I’m tired of living out of a day pack. My clothes always smell and I’m often concerned about when and where I can do laundry. The heat in SE Asia is relentless. Temperatures are often in the 90s, and humidity is right up there as well. I sweat profusely, it permeates my clothing, leaving behind a salt line on my black Pureline t-shirt. I’m tired of eating unhealthy. I do my best to choose the most nutritious foods possible, but it’s not always an option. I think it’s safe to say I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m beyond the “It’s ok, you’re traveling AND injured” phase. I dream about crunchy and crispy salads full of fresh vegetables, lean protein, and slivers of perfectly ripened avocado. Fried eggs not cooked in copious amounts of oil. Ice blended protein shakes the way I used to make them at home and Quest bars, LOL. I want to go to the gym everyday, twice a day and I want my quad to fill in the extra skin on my leg now that it has atrophied so much!

You can’t tell, but I think this is the heaviest I’ve ever been.

I don’t mean to complain, I chose this life, but I can see now I need a break for a little while from being on the go, I need to “settle” somewhere where there is a gym, people I know, and healthy food options. But after all this time, that notion is tough too. I was in Bali, when you look at the map, it’s quite south, about 10 degrees south of the equator in fact. From there, you can take trips to the Komodo Islands but I didn’t have time. Go a little further south east and you’ll get to Timor Leste, a small island that separated from Indonesia and became independent in 1998. From there, it literally looks like you could swim to Australia… And don’t get me going on where you can go from that part of the globe… The Solomon Islands (a must do on MY list), Papúa New Guinea, Micronesia. The list goes on. It never ends. Then there are things you never heard of until you meet a traveler who has recommendations and you now have more to see. In this day and age, people feel the globe is getting smaller because of technology, but when you’re out in this world, you see how big it is and how impossible it becomes to see everything. Some days I feel like I could do this for the rest of my life, and sometimes I want to have my own bed with my dog and a large man in it. It’s hard to have both. There’s some balance with breaks and slow travel, however, and maybe having a “home base” is important. For now, I’m happy to see what I can while I can, but I’m looking forward to my visit home and will reasses my life and travels from there!

What do you do you when you get “tired” while traveling?

How can you NOT want to see these beaches?

Author: Tiffany Batsakis

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    1. Awe, thanks for reading!! When I go back to Bangkok, you can be one of my girlfriends and we can eat salads at EmQ after the gym, LOL.

  1. I am impressed…I am WAY impressed. I just started reading your blog, but I am already planning on showing it to and discussing it with my daughter. I hope she will be brave enough to take off on a journey like this. The places you have seen and the experiences you have had on what seems like a shoe string budget are amazing. I just subscribed and I can’t wait to see where this takes you.

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