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Avocados are one of my favorite foods. I can eat them morning, noon, and night, savory or sweet, straight with a spoon, and as far as I’m concerned, they go well with anything. The avocados in Sri Lanka have been amazing And sometimes they are called butter fruit. Sadly, butter fruit are no where to be found these days, but I was lucky enough to find two today. One seemed ripe and ready to go but it’s not and the other may take a few days. Hopefully it will be a good one because I haven’t had any yet this year!

Avocados are high in fat which is one of the reasons they have such a creamy texture and not only are they delicious, but they are nutritious! According to the California Avocados website, avocados contain nearly 20 essential nutrients, they are considered to be a healthy fat, and they add flavor and texture to any meal or snack. Avocados are rich in Vitamin E, have a variety of B vitamins, folic acid, potassium, and they are packed with fiber. Because they are high in monounsaturated fats, they help the body absorb fat soluble compounds such as beta-carotene and lutein, making some the other foods we eat even more nutritious.
While I’ve already mentioned avocados can go well with anything, try one, mashed, as a spread in your next sandwich. Many people use mayonnaise, both as a sandwich spread and a dressing base, but a good, ripe avocado can take its place and offer far more nutrition. And you know what’s ironic about this post? I’ve been using a bit of mayonnaise here and there this past week as a source of fat seeing as avocados are out. But anyway, let’s have a look at how they measure up. I ask you, when it comes to avocados versus mayonnaise, who will win?
Avocado (100 g-1 whole small fruit) vs Mayo (2 tbsp)
Calories: 160 calories /188 calories
Protein: 2 g /0 g
Fat: 15 g /21 g
Carbs: 9 g /0 g
Fiber: 6.7 g /0 g
Potassium: 485 mg /6 mg
Sodium: 7 g /175 mg
Monounsaturated fat: 10 g /5 g
As you can see, avocados have more nutrition to offer and all of it comes in a package of the small fruit itself, the mayonnaise is just two tablespoons! More food, more filling, more happiness. Use a ripe avocado in your next salad or sandwich. If you want more tang, like in the mild zing of mayonnaise, add a dash of salt and vinegar, try some lime juice and chili powder, or keep it simple with a spritz of soy sauce. There are many tricks to determine the ripeness of an avocado, but my favorite is the green spot test. The green spot is the small hole in the top of the fruit once the stem has been popped off. If it’s green inside, it’s usually ripe, but not always! Sometimes, you just have to test a few for firmness and go with your gut. If they are too hard, they will take a while to ripen, but if you can put your finger through the skin, it’s past it’s peak. Monitor your avocados at home because once they are ready, they spoil quickly!

If avocados are not already a part of your diet, incorporate them today. While to some, they may not be the most flavorful of foods, they certainly have a lot to offer. And, honestly, I think it’s safe to say most people love them. Make your favorite sandwich, some classic chicken salad, or toast some whole grain bread and add some creamy and dreamy avocado today! If you want more inspiration, look up some recipes on line or check out Pinterest. My feed is always full of delicious, innovative, and creative avocado recipes.

Author: Tiffany Batsakis

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