Adjusting: Life as an Expat

Life as an expat.

Most of the people who read my blog follow me on Facebook so they know what’s up, but for my few readers, and any future readers who may need info on adjusting to life as an expat, here’s an update on life.

I initially came to Sri Lanka to travel for 10 days, but I had a serendipitous meeting with a strength and conditioning coach from a large sports team that sparked my interest. Working as an RD with an international sports team is kind of a dream job for me and although no offers could be made, I decided I’d come back and somehow try to make it work. In the meantime, a few other opportunities came up and I felt I had nothing to lose, so why not…?

Life as an expat.
Visiting the Dutch Fort in Galle.

So here I am adjusting to life after nearly 20 months of being a homeless nomad. I’m in South Asia, Sri Lanka, a country I initially didn’t even plan on visiting. Life is different, I knew it would be, but it’s more different than experiencing life as a traveler. As a traveler, you’re just passing through and accept things as they are. You’re a guest in someone else’s country. But when you live there, all the little things add up. The things you miss, conveniences of the West, your simple ways and how things work. Friends, family, my dog- all not here.

I like a lot of aspects of my life here and some of the potential opportunities I have ahead of me, but being settled isn’t easy. For one, I’m alone. If you’ve read any of my blogs, you know this is a recurrent theme and meeting someone here just doesn’t seem practical or possible to me. I have a decent place to live and it’s great to have a place to keep my stuff. I’m so done with my backpack, it’s stashed away under my bed. I don’t want to see it for a while. I’m developing a schedule and a routine and that includes going to the gym and eating healthy, which makes me happy.

Life as an expat.
A “naked burrito bowl” from one place I like in Colombo, Kumbuk Cafe.

I’m working on a lot of projects. It’s good because I’m busy and learning, but with everything, my brain is like 🤯🤯🤯 and I’m either too tired or too depressed to even talk to anybody. And then I feel I don’t have time. It’s like, “work, work, work.” I get to a shut off point (like now) and just sit on my couch with the fan blowing on me, LOL.

Every single day I go through a range of emotions and thoughts from negative to positive and from wanting to be here and wanting to leave. That in and of itself is exhausting because I’m constantly assessing what I want. I’ve had random meltdowns- on the side of the road, at home, in the gym. I’m trying not to make any spur of the moment decisions and have given myself a 3 month adjustment period. I had a few major things I wanted here. Two don’t seem to be working out and the third isn’t my favorite, but I am giving it time to see what happens, to see how I feel, and to simply develop my groove here. All of this takes time, I know.

I’ve tried to meet people. I have a few hobbies and some things I’m focusing on, so it’s just a matter of time before I see how things pan out. I think my feelings are typical when adjusting to life in a new country and most stuff is ok, I just can’t get over the loneliness. I’m going through some type of depression. I’m not usually like this. Even though I’m super tired of traveling, I’m considering a trip to the Seychelles in March. It’s always been a dream destination for me and if I do leave Sri Lanka, I’ll never make it there from the states!!

Life as an expat.
From an event with InterNations to meet other expats.

So there ya have it!! I don’t know what will happen but time will tell!

As always, thanks for reading!



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