Homemade Mongolian Cream

Homemade Fresh Mongolian Cream

Making waves... With milk!
Making waves… With milk!

This is my first go at a food post. Not sure if anybody will be interested in trying to make it, but I’ll share as many details as possible just in case. This is a very traditional style Mongolian cream and many people make it. When it’s ready in the morning, they put it on bread. Sometimes, they top it with sugar or sweetened condensed milk. It doesn’t have a strong flavor and it has a soft butter like consistency, but with less of a fatty texture and flavor, although it is a full fat product as it is often made with fresh cow or yak milk.

When we made this, we took a long walk to get 10 liters (in 2 containers) of fresh milk. It was quite a hike back! Each of those containers was bigger than a gallon sized jug.

We poured almost all of the milk into the large pot sitting on the fire and slowly heated it for about a half an hour. My host set some cold milk aside and mixed in some wheat flour (about two handfuls), although I think most people don’t add that. When the warm milk began to cook up, the cold milk was added in and continuously mixed by pouring from a smaller pan (or scoop) into the main pot. It was a constant waterfall of milk. We did that until many bubbles and foam formed along the top of the pot and then the heat was reduced. The bubbles pop and a thin layer forms. This sets overnight and by morning, you have a thick layer of fresh cream. There will be plenty of milk left underneath and my host says he uses it to make yogurt. He also added that the main thing when making the cream is to not let it boil. One of the main ways they do this over a fire in Mongolia is by using dry cow dung. Apparently, it burns more slowly and steadily than wood.

If you give it a try, let me know!

A Mongolian sized cauldron of fresh milk!
A Mongolian sized cauldron of fresh milk!
"Begs," my host, showing how to port the milk.
“Begs,” my host, showing how to pour the milk.
It's getting bubbly, but it's no champagne!
It’s getting bubbly, but it’s no champagne!
The bubbles begin to settle...
The bubbles begin to settle…
More settled...
More settled…
All settled. Almost ready.
All settled. Almost ready.
Final product.
Final product in the morning. Enjoy! ?