Work Flow Fusion


The Gym Crew in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I wrote this blog post on December 22, 2016. It’s January 22, 2017. Exactly one month later and I never posted it. How ironic. Now I need to follow up on this topic!

I’ve been on the road for over 5.5 months and I’m not planning on coming home anytime soon. I want to find a way to generate income while I travel and although I’ve done some freelance writing, it doesn’t generate much income. I have a few things in the works, but I have ideas, and hopes… Hopes that the perfect opportunity or something like that will fall into my lap. I feel like I could market myself here in Thailand as someone who works in wellness to the resorts and spas and whatnot, but I don’t want to commit myself to staying put in any one place for too long.

Does this mean to repackage your weights?

I’ve wanted to fuse travel, fitness, and components of a healthy lifestyle into one, but I don’t know how. My blog doesn’t get much traffic (and I don’t keep up with it), people don’t engage much on my FB fitness page, and I don’t have a large enough following on IG to have an impact on that form of social media.

The owner of a small gym in Ulan Batar, Mongolia.

How do I market myself as a traveling RD? How can I appeal to different companies for sponsorship in exchange for social media postings, reviews, and write ups? For example, I’d love to get a free nights stay in a hotel, workout in the fitness facility, and blog about it. There has to be an interest out there and this is just one example. Gym reviews… I’ve worked out all over so far- China, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand…

Body weight workout in the Gobi Desert.

I met a woman last night at the hotel restaurant. She recognized my American accent and we got to talking. Shortly after I left with another group to go get dinner. When I got back, I wanted to go hangout in my room, but it was pretty early. I stopped by the restaurant, the American couple was still there, but kept walking past. Finally I turned around and joined them. We shared stories and told them why and how I ended up doing what I’m doing. She told me her sister has a website and blog related to fitness. She said large companies like Nike and Adidas pick up the articles and publish them- the contributors get paid. She said she’d connect me. Fitness from all corners of the globe! Just what I want to do! Is this even real? I’d say it sounds too good to be true, or too impossible, but I almost went back to my room so maybe there’s a reason I turned back! I really want to go further with my travel endeavors, not only travel, but do something more with it… Any ideas? Connections? Recommendations? I’ve always had the travel bug and now I do it and feel like

Hitting the weights at Elite Gm, on Ko Samui in Thailand.

I can’t ever give it up!
Help me!